Webcam Call Free

Webcamcallfree is a free application that allows a user to make a chat and video call to another user who is also connected to Webcam Call Free.

Chat and Video Call ! Video conferencing made simple:

Connect face to face.

You may have to wait up to 5 seconds to start the chat and video conferencing.

Webcam Call Free requires Flash and a Webcam (Optional)

No Video ? Test Webcam

Reach your friend, family or business contact and have a Chat or a Webcam Call. No registration requirements, no software to download or to install and it works on every computer in the world. Safe, easy and free to use.

How to Use :

1. Type a user name in the text box and click connect. Use a unique string such as your e-mail address as your user name (7 characters minimum and @). Example: meme1@me

2. Once connected to Webcamcallfree enter the user name of someone whom you would like to call, and click CALL

3. You will be prompted to share your microphone and/or camera by the Flash Player. Select Allow if you want to use your webcam.

4. If you are the recipient of the call, you will be prompted to accept or reject the incoming call. You will also be prompted to share your microphone and/or camera.

5. To end the call, press the Hangup button, or Disconnect from the serrvice. Absolutely FREE & Nothing to download!